2024 Practice Offerings

At-Home Yoga for Africa Series
Cost/ By donation
Dates/  May 17 - June 7
Registration closed

4 weeks, May 17 - June 7
Registration closes on Thursday, May 16 at 5pm Pacific.


Settle in the here and now.
Reach down into the center
where the world is not spinning
and drink this holy peace.

Feel relief flood into every
cell. Nothing to do. Nothing
to be but what you are already.
Nothing to receive but what
flows effortlessly from the
mystery into form.

Nothing to run from or run
toward. Just this breath,
awareness knowing itself as
embodiment. Just this breath,
awareness waking up to truth.
–Danna Faulds

Receive support to cultivate and/or strengthen a regular practice of settling, breathing, and stewarding the body -- the vehicle of awakening -- in this at-home gentle yoga series designed for Sangha. 

Each week over the course of this 4 week series, participants will receive a new 20-minute gentle yoga practice grounded in themes of awareness practice to enjoy, including a practice for starting the day and ending the day. These practices can be viewed at any time that works for your schedule and can be downloaded to view again and again. They will support building flexibility, resilience, balance, and vitality through breathing, gentle yoga, and deep relaxation.

Please note: The practices offered through this series are new. If you participated in a previous At-Home Yoga series, you will be adding additional new practice routines to your library.

Proceeds benefit Living Compassion in Kantolomba