2018 Programs

Socratic Email Class: Communication
Cost/ $150
Cost for MoDos/ $125
Feb 1 - 28, 2018 - Socratic Email Class
Non-refundable after registration closes.

“No more words. Hear only the (still, small) voice within.” Rumi

We wish!

The dictionary defines communication as “exchanging or imparting…information or news.”

It’s never that simple, is it? The most straightforward interaction between two people can become fraught with suffering. In fact, miscommunication is far more often the case when we attempt to communicate what we want; express our feelings, experiences, and desires; forge connections, or say what’s going on for us.

Communication is also defined as a means of connecting people and places. But how often does our communication result in connection? Aren’t isolation, invalidation, separation, and dissatisfaction more familiar by-products of our attempts to forge connection through communication?

What gets in the way? If anyone answered “egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate," we're going to bet you're correct.

As conditioned humans, we are seldom present to how things are. The beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, perspectives, positions, opinions, and preferences that we call ego are the filters through which we perceive the world. Communication is seldom a simple give and take of information because “I” is always interfering. More often than not, all input is taken personally, and if identified with ego-I, our reaction to any input is often what the ego believes, thinks, and feels.

In this email class, we have another opportunity to explore how ego-I causes suffering, this time though communication.

how it works
This class will follow the Socratic style. There will be no class assignments. You will have six opportunities to interact with Cheri and receive guidance on your process of suffering around communication. All responses will be anonymously posted.

Register today. Spots are limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to do a deep dive into your communication karma!