2024 Practice Offerings

Aging, Sickness, Pain & Death: Email Class with Cheri
Cost/ $200
Cost for MoDos/ $175


Feb 4, 2024 - Mar 3, 2024
This class includes virtual group discussions on 4 Sundays: February 11, 18, 25 and March 3.
Registration closes at 5pm Pacific on Friday, February 2nd.

Non-refundable after registration closes.

The Buddha’s journey to see into the heart of True Nature began with his encounters with a sick person, an old person and a corpse. Deeply shaken by these encounters with impermanence and inspired by the equanimity of a monk in the face of the truth of transience, Prince Siddhartha donned saffron robes and set out in search of answers. We follow in the Buddha’s footsteps as we embark on an in-depth exploration of “Aging, Sickness, Pain and Death.”

how it works

  • Register for the email class.
  • You do the assignment and email back your experience.
  • Cheri's staff removes all names--anonymity is assured.
  • Responses are posted on the web.