2020 Programs

Being the Change: The First Step
Duration/ Jan. 15 - Feb. 6
Jan. 15 - Feb. 6
Registration closes on Thursday, Jan. 14 at noon PST
Non-refundable after registration closes

Our real job -- full-time profession -- is Awareness Practitioner. Re-calibrating our primary focus from "what we do" to "how we are" is the aim of this 3-week email class and the Yearlong retreat, in general. Through this crucial redirection of attention, we move, by degree, our entire life into Practice so as to be guided by Wisdom, Love, and Compassion in whatever walk of life and circumstances we inhabit.

Join in this exploration of the practical steps for diving wholeheartedly into HERE.

Please note: Participants in the 2021 Yearlong Retreat are already registered for the email class.