2023 Practice Offerings

Practice Everywhere Instructions

Practice Everywhere is now delivered through Substack.
Installation Instructions
Download and install the Substack app for Android or iPhone.
Tap to open app.
Enter your email address. 
Tap Start Reading. 
Respond to the Substack email on your phone to finish the verification process.
(Note: You do not need to connect Substack to Twitter to receive Practice Everywhere.)
Subscribe to receive Practice Everywhere
Open the Substack app.
Tap Search/Discover icon to open up a search box. 
Type in “Practice Everywhere” in the search box.
Make sure the Search box is toggled to search for Publications.
It is the listing with “By Living Compassion.”
Tap on the listing.
Tap Subscribe.
Tap Done.

Notification Instructions
Open the Substack app. 
Tap Enable Notifications to receive notifications on your phone when a new Practice Everywhere post arrives. 
If you are not seeing Practice Everywhere notifications every day, check to see if Notifications is turned on for Substack on your phone.
Email Notifications
Substack will default to sending notices of new Practice Everywhere posts through the app and by email. To turn off email notices: 
Log into the Substack website.
Click the Profile icon
Select settings gear icon.
Click Notifications
In Subscriptions, select Practice Everywhere.
In Notifications, toggle Posts off.

Removing non-practice subscriptions
Tap on the Library icon.
Under Free Subscriptions, tap on any Subscription you want to remove. (Substack Reads, and On Substack are sometimes added by default).
Tap the three dot menu in the upper right.
Tap Unsubscribe.


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