2024 Practice Offerings

2024 Yearlong Retreat: The Way of Dharma
Dates/ Mar. 15 to Dec. 15, 2024

Dharma is the teaching, the understanding, the contents of the enlightened mind. It is the joy of the experience of Intelligence knowing itself.
The first line of the Daily Recollection is repeated silently at the beginning of the first meditation of the day. It recalls us to why we sit on the cushion, to why we practice Awareness. It reminds us that we are spiritual aspirants, followers of the Dharma, on a path to the realization of the truth of the teachings. If we practice the Dharma, if we walk the path with devotion, earnestness, enthusiasm and vigilance, we will, we are assured, awaken to the truth of True Nature. 
Few are those who reach the other shore; most people keep running up and down this shore. But those who follow the dharma, when it has been well taught, will reach the other shore, hard to reach, beyond the power of death. 
--Verses 85-86, The Dhammapada
Last year, the teachings of the Daily Recollection guided our daily practice. This year, our reference is another text, The Dhammapada. This anthology of teachings is a collection of verses supposedly gathered by the direct disciples of the Buddha in an attempt to preserve the words of their teacher. 
Like a fine flower, beautiful to look at but without scent, fine words are fruitless in one who does not act in accordance with them.
--Verse 51, The Dhammapada
Scriptural study is not the path of those who seek a direct experience of Truth. And yet, for those practicing the spirit of inquiry, assignments, verses, and quotes are simply devices, koans, fingers pointing to the moon that further the transformation of perspective necessary to “see” directly, unimpeded by conditioned lenses. In the light of our reactions to the text, we begin to see the small “s” self for what it is, the veil of ignorance that clouds the clarity of direct perception. As we become more adept at directing attention to Awareness, Awareness itself becomes the focus of attention. As mystics have long pointed out…
While the search was on, that which was being sought was, in reality, that through which the seeking was taking place.
Walking the way of Dharma (The Dhammapada) returns us again and again to here, now, to this moment, to the quiet stillness of the space between the thoughts, the Silence that is the “understanding” of the Dharma bead, the understanding that Awareness aware of itself is the Dharma, the joy of Intelligence knowing itself.
There is no gift better than the gift of the dharma, no gift more sweet, no gift more joyful. It puts an end to cravings and the sorrow they bring.
--Verse 354, The Dhammapada
Join Sangha for another year of deepening practice in the now familiar format of weekly assignments, daily practice, and conversations with the Guide and Sangha on the “morning groups,” 9.00 - 9.30 a.m. Pacific, Monday through Friday. 
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Cost: $600
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  • March 15 to December 15, 2024
  • The first assignment will be emailed March 15.
  • The morning groups begin March 18.